The greatest PSP games ranked, from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to Lumines

\It brought the power of PlayStation to the palm of your hand, fought bravely against Nintendo DS dominance and played host to pint-sized adventures for some of gaming\\\’s greatest heroes. Ladies and gentlemen: the PSP.

Sony recently drove another nail into the handheld system\\\’s already well-sealed coffin when it shuttered the North American PSP store after more than a decade of business. As the Vita\\\’s older brother gradually fades into memory, here are the games that made the system a portable prodigy.


It was the end of the world as we knew it, but we felt fine while painting the streets of New York City red with the blood of slain zombies in Infected.

An over-the-shoulder shooter with fun co-op modes and a dark sense of humour, Infected cast players as a slot gacor 777 rookie police officer whose blood holds the key to finding a cure for a virus that turned most of NYC into bloodthirsty zombies, not that visitors to the city noticed any difference.



You know those sequences in generic action movies where the protagonist leaps between vehicles to do battle with various enemies on top of them during a high-speed car chase? Well, somebody made an entire game of them, and it was as fun as it sounds.

That game was Pursuit Force, a PSP thrill ride that seamlessly combined driving and combat in one fast-paced mission after another. Polished, accessible, and it handled like a dream.


It\\\’s the sport you know and love, and Sony got it down to a tee when they released the ultra-accessible and fiendishly addictive Everybody\\\’s Golf for PSP.

This golf sim played to the handheld console\\\’s strengths, scoring a hole in one on the course called \\\’plug-and-play value\\\’ and racking up an eagle in the charm stakes with those enormous-headed, anime-inspired sprites.


Lemmings met Donkey Konga in Pyramid\\\’s rhythm-based puzzler Patapon 3, the third instalment in a series that was content to dance to its own tune.

Players guided a tribe of warriors by bashing out notes on a virtual drum, a novel idea that soared to a creative high in this threequel. Polished visuals, improved controls, and an all-new multiplayer mode made this the Keith Moon of drumming games.


This handheld prequel to PlayStation 2 smash Grand Theft Auto: Vice City did what the Rockstar series does best – allow players to live out their wildest criminal fantasies without being handed several life sentences.

Vice City Stories pulled off the task of scaling down the GTA formula for more humble hardware in style, pushing the PSP to its graphical limits and building on the framework laid down by fellow criminal masterminds Liberty City Stories and San Andreas.

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