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About Me

Holden Buckner is a specialist in the Mergers and Acquisitions arena. With his expertise Holden educates business owners on the process of selling their business.He works with small to middle market companies to determine their viability and bring their businesses to market as well as assisting buyers to find and make acquisitions.  Companies are founded and bought by individuals with dreams to grow them into an impressive end-goal. Holden helps these hardworking people reach the fruit of their labor by helping prepare firms for transactions. He has dealt with companies ranging in value from $500,000 to $80 million either merge with another entity or be acquired.Holden and Kevin

Being able to monetize a business that has been built over years is no easy feat for entrepreneurs. In fact the sad reality is most businesses will never sell no matter how great they are. So getting a business sold properly takes a lot of preparation and planning with a very narrow margin for error and must be done quickly to capitalize on current market conditions. While business needs to continue with day to day operations, Holden Buckner is who many call to help prepare their companies for the owner’s’ exit strategy. The business transaction industry is one that has picked up speed within the last few decades. M&A experts such as Holden Buckner have become a necessity in order to carry out deals and ensure value is being obtained for both sides of a transaction.

Holden learned at an early age that he was not fit for a desk and office job. Starting out in investments, Holden was able to realize he enjoyed meeting new people and traveling to different places in order to conduct business. When he began consulting with companies looking to sell, he was captured by the industry.

Holden is able to fly his 1970 Bellanca Super Viking from an airfield in close proximity to his house in order to meet clients and perform his duties anywhere that could be considered a far drive. With much of his business calling for him to travel great distances, his ability to fly his aircraft benefits him as well as his clientele.

Apart from his professional work Holden spends his free time helping a number of philanthropic causes, staying in shape and flying his airplane for leisure. Currently residing in a town north of Austin, Texas where he lives close to his daughter, Holden is now a proud grandfather to his daughter’s children and enjoys seeing them frequently.