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GP Investment Acquisition Corporation / World Kitchen LLC
World Kitchen LLC, the house ware maker and founder of Pyrex was bought by
investment giant GP Investment Acquisition Corp. (GPIA) for a hefty $566 million in cash and equity. World Kitchen is pleased to gain a financial partner as that is the next step that they have outlined in their growth strategy. Although GP is primarily geared towards sporting goods companies, they have expanded their financial outreach to the food preparation industry with this deal.

Lions Gate / Starz
Production giant Lions Gate has agreed to purchase John Malone’s premium television company Starz for just under $4.5 billion. The deal was first hinted at in early February and has since advanced to completion. Lions Gate has been struggling at the box office with it’s core film series the Hunger Games, and they are looking to advance their television business with this new deal. With the two companies joining forces they will produce more than $4 billion in revenue, putting them at the top of the industry.

Henkel AG / Sun Products
German group Henkel has agreed to purchase the US consumer-products company Sun Products for around $3.5 Billion. Sun Products is responsible for making famous laundry detergents All and Wisk. With the deal Henkel is hoping to increase its market share in an uphill battle against US giant, Proctor & Gamble. Deutsche Bank has formulated estimates that with the deal Henkel will own around 20% of laundry detergent market, a bit shy of Proctor and Gamble’s staggering 50%.

Microsoft / LinkedIn
Perhaps one of the largest news articles in the past month is the colossal deal between the two famous tech companies. Microsoft has agreed to purchase LinkedIn for a whopping $26 billion dollars. The two companies have been in talks for months and have finally closed the deal. Microsoft is looking to spruce up its business and this deal is sure to do just that.

Johnson & Johnson / Vogue
The consumer unit of US giant Johnson and Johnson has announced that they will purchase the hair products company Vogue International for around $3.3 billion. Although the deal was most recently announced it will not transact until the third quarter of this year. Johnson and Johnson is looking to advance their already popular hair products line with this purchase.