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Holden Buckner

Senior Business Analyst

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Why choose Holden Buckner?

Holden Buckner has over a decade and a half of experience serving as a Senior Business Analyst to companies looking to sell their business. He has assisted countless business prepare to go to market, including coordinating their financials, getting a proper valuation, and packing to be sold.

Holden Buckner and his team provide a holistic approach to Mergers & Acquisitions with services that include securing accredited third party business valuations and pro forma portrayals of future business performance, seller-buyer matching, providing funding resources for buy/sell transactions, and tax planning and deal structure analysis.

When the owner of a business decides to sell, the most important, and often most difficult, thing to find is a serious potential buyer. Over the years, Holden has developed a wide network of buyers and sellers, as well as the expertise to be able to accurately match them based on criteria such as primary business activity, location, and asking price along with other mission critical criteria.

  • Experience 80%
  • Expertise 90%
  • Reach 95%

Questions for Holden?

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